Furness Peninsula Press:
An Ulverston Anthology

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by Rob McKeever

ISBN 978-0-9553283-4-3
Comprising 120 pages including 8 in full colour with approximately 60 images size B5 250mm high x 176mm wide

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Book Extracts

Chapter 1
Over the Sands to Ulverston
Early visitors and travellers to Ulverston were often inspired to write not about the town but travelling to it. They were amazed and fascinated by the journey over the Sands to and from Lancaster. ………These unfortunate individuals, nine in number drowned together on Ulverston Sands, in returning from Ulverston Whitsuntide fair. They were in one cart, and the cart fell into a hole, and all perished……………………. Providence had placed him on a sandbank. He stood up to the chin, the waves went over him. He disengaged himself from his good friend the dead horse and waited until the tide forsook the Sands, and got safe home.

Chapter 2
Manor Parish and Town
Under manorial rule, the town fields were worked collectively freeing other tenants for military service. During the Border Wars, Ulverston in the year 1553 was obliged to provide 13 men at arms to fight the Scots……….. Nevill Manor was a small manor within the manor of Ulverston, which in 1337 consisted of 30 messuages or tenements, 3 mills, 423 acres of land, 30 acres of meadow, 10 acres of wood, 30 acres of pasture, 10 acres of moor, and 20 acres of turbary (peat moss) in Ulverston.

Chapter 3
Trade Industry and Commerce
In 1829 the scale of the town’s industrial and commercial activity was exposed. Amongst the professions and trades listed, we have no less than 11 academies [schools], 11 attorneys, 4 bakers, with one in Canal Street devoted to ships biscuits, 3 banks, 4 basket & swill makers, 7 blacksmiths, no fewer than 21 booksellers, 9 butchers, 5 cabinet makers, 3 chemist & druggists, 8 coal dealers, 6 confectioners, 4 coopers, 2 cotton mill owners, 25 grocers and tea dealers, 24 shopkeepers, 3 hair dressers, 13 tailors, 6 surgeons (doctors), 5 rope manufactures, etc.

Chapter 4
Sport and Recreation
Wrestling provided the biggest sporting event in the town’s history when a crowd of 7,000 people gathered on Flan to witness a match for the Championship of England and a prize of £300 between the two wrestling titans of the mid 1800s.

Chapter 5
Law and Order
1860: Richard Sharpe a lad of about 13 years of age was charged with stealing three poles from the racecourse at Swarthmoor. Henry Cook the man appointed to watch the ground proved the case and the boy was ordered to be whipped…….. Sarah Thompson was charged with begging at Ulverston and committed to Lancaster Castle for a month.

Chapter 6
In 1855 on the defeat of the Russians in Crimea Ulverston celebrated with a huge bonfire, which included doors, gates, and water barrels, in fact anything combustible was seized upon and carried off. The pile was built in the middle of the old fish stones in the Market Square. So intense was the heat and after a sharp show of rain they crumbled to pieces and a cloud of steam was seen coming out of the top pump. A plentiful supply of ale was provided, the church bells rang till midnight, rockets were sent up, guns fired and squibs flapped and flamed to the music of Myles Brockbank’s band